he said to me; "i'll never be free, so i'll meet a few of them in hell" 🔫✨

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After the BTK killer Dennis Rader was arrested on February 25, 2005, police uncovered his stashes of writings, photos, artwork and other assorted items he had kept over the years related to his crimes. He had a bondage fetish and enjoyed wearing the undergarments of his slain female victims. He enjoyed tying himself up in all sorts of ways. Using various mechanisms he was able to photograph himself with a Polaroid camera. During his years as a Boy Scout troop leader, he nearly got caught once when he couldn’t escape his own bonds after tying himself up inside a camper during a scout outing. He eventually worked himself loose.

(Source: murderpedia.org)


The infamous Bonnie and Clyde, allegedly first meeting in 1930 in the kitchen of a mutual friend and instantly falling in love, embarked on a two year crime spree starting in 1932 and ending with their deaths in 1934.

The couple are responsible for 13 deaths, some of whom were innocent people killed during failed burglaries. Bonnie and Clyde would steal cars as often as possible and would live off money which they stole from gas stations and small grocery stores. The couple would sometimes rob banks but would rarely walk away with a large sum of money.

Bonnie and Clyde had been on the run for two years by 1934 and despite several ambushes by the police, they had not yet been caught. However, on the 23rd of May, Bonnie and Clyde were tricked by the police one last time and were showered with 130 bullets. Bonnie suffered 53 bullet wounds and Clyde suffered 51, killing them almost instantly. Their bodies were taken back to Dallas and publicly displayed. Despite Bonnie’s request to be buried next to Clyde, they were buried separately in two different cemeteries.

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